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Triskem wins corporate Oscar

Published Time:2016-09-22

Michaela Langer, CEO, with the Oscar award in the middle, on the right Celine Vignaud, Associate Director

This year 2017 has started on a good note for TrisKem International. The company has been awarded an "Oscar" for its international development during the "Oscar of Ille-et-Vilaine" ceremony on the 9th of February. 

TrisKem's multicultural team speaks 7 languages fluently. Its scientific team has an excellent reputation in the international community (participation in the working groups of French nuclear equipement standardization agency BNEN and ISO, external IAEA expert and lecturer). 

TrisKem International, having its roots in Brittany, as its name reveals ('Tris' from 'Triskell', a celtic symbol) sells its resins to 65 countries with 74% of its turnover coming from export. 

This Oscar reinforces TrisKem's determination to continue developing its business world wide in order to support R&D projects in new fields of activity, such as Recovery of Critical metal, Radiopharmacy, Decontamination etc. 

Michaela Langer, CEO and Celine Vignaud, Associate Director have dedicated this trophy to their committed team thanking them for their contribution to that success.

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